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A couple riders in the E. Lansing, MI/USA event (2009) sharing the silence.A couple riders (Oren and Anne) in the E. Lansing, MI/USA event (2009) sharing the silence (photo by Tim Potter, E. Lansing organizer). Many more photos & videos from the 2009 events can be viewed by using our Event Report tool.

2019 News

In November of 2019 Tue Lindblad of www.icebike.org interviewed our founder, Chris Phelan. A very extensive article, titled "The Ride of Silence - Chris Phelan Shares The Ultimate Goals of The Ride" was subsequently published complete with many wonderful photos. See that article here.

2014 Highlights

  • 10,600 riders reported for 154 events (out of 315 known locations)
  • 315 events world wide
  • 49 U.S. states
  • 22 Countries
  • 7 Continents
Special Tribute

Tragic Passing of One of Our Organizers

Tom_Steinert-ThrelkeldWe've recently - sadly been informed by our Danbury CT USA Ride of Silence organizer, that former Ride of Silence organizer Thomas Steinhert-Threlkeld of Weston CT was killed last Oct. while cycling, the 1st known death by a motorist of an RofS organizer. Thomas had previously organized a RofS in Weston, Farifield & Westport CT, from 2007 thru 2012. The Danbury CT RofS will pay a special tribute to Tom this year.

The RoS board requests that all event organizers recognize Tom for his efforts over the years to remember and honor others and to raise awareness of all our rights to ride safely on our roads around the world. 

His widow, Kayte, would like to add: "Tom logged. 160,000 miles on his bikes over 20 years, including a ride across America with Larry Schwartz (the man in who's memory the Ride of Silence was started by Chris Phelan). There are many photos on his Facebook page and at www.edgeoftheroad.com I will be at the Danbury, CT ride with the Hat City Cyclists."

2013 Highlights  (10th Anniversary Event)

  • Riders: 12,857
  • Events reporting in: 166 (out of 372 known)

2012 Highlights

  • Riders: 14,852
  • Events reporting in: 195 (out of 318 known)

2011 Highlights

  • Riders: 12,033

    - Number of Locations Reporting in: 150 (out of 319 known locations) 47% (as of Dec. 4, 2011)

  •  Letter of endorsement/ support from the Senator of Rhode Island.  This is a good example of a support letter for other organizers to consider.

  • The official 2011 Ride of Silence poster for events anywhere on the globe is here for downloading and localizing (courtesy of our Hong Kong organizer, Martin Turner and Kong of Kongnection Graphics Limited).  Print instructions are here and one more file referenced in the instructions is here.

  • A small group of RoS organizers and supporters met on Wed. (Mar. 9) evening during the Natl. Bike Summit in Wash. DC (Mar. 7 - 11).  Here's some pics from our gathering. Consider getting together with your fellow RoS organizers in your state/ region to share ideas, encourage each other, etc.

  • Jeff Stephens, our Columbus, OH organizer since 2006, (who attended our RoS gathering noted above) was featured in the League of American Bicyclists' blog about his delegation's successful lobbying action during the Natl. Bike Summit.

  • Ride of Silence Midwest Organizer's Planning Camp
    The attendees of the Ride of Silence Midwest Organizer Camp
  • The Ride of Silence Midwest Organizer Camp was held in Arlington Hts., IL, on Jan. 15, 2011 with 13 organizers from around the midwest.  It was a great opportunity to meet some fellow RoS organizers and share ideas. Meeting notes are here (Word format file). Here are some pics from the event; and here's segment 1 & segment 2 of the video archives from the event if you'd like to watch some of the action.

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  • Subscribe to the RoS Organizers Google Group to share ideas, ask questions, etc.

2010 Highlights

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2009 Highlights

2009 Resource Additions

2008 Highlights

  • Total Riders (based on 36% of events reporting): 8,050
  • Estimated 22,500 riders attended over 300 rides worldwide
  • 2008 Ride Event Report (PDF; as of 12/08) - 1.6 mb
  • 2008 Ride Event Report (Word file; as of 4/09) 5.2 mb
  • Lots of videos, photos
  • Safe Cycling Resources
  • Catalonia logo
  • Portuguese poem
  • Italian poem
  • Spanish logo, poem
  • Memoriam info. on a Google map here.
  • Memoriam Powerpoint slideshow - for pre or post-event viewings.