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The products listed on this page are authorized vendors of items with the Ride of Silence logo or name mentioned.  The vendors also contribute some percentage of the sales back to the Ride of Silence organization to help defray our very limited expeneses.  If you have a product that you'd like to have considered for this page please contact Chris Phelan, founder.

Ride of Silence 2014 Jerseys Available Now!
Jerseys and caps for 2014 are NOW available for online purchase from Mt. Borah -- Sorry, it's too late to get delivery in time for this year's RoS on May 21, but orders are accepted year round and 15% of all proceeds are donated to the RoS organization.
Socks and caps from 2013 are still available from Mt. Borah
Click on an image to go to the ordering page.
RoS Men's Mt. Borah jerseysMen's 2014 jersey - front

RoS 2014 women's jerseyWomen's 2014 jersey
RoS 2014 Men's jersey - backMen's 2014 jersey - backWomen's RoS jersey - backWomen's 2014 jersey - back
RoS 2014 Cap - side2014 Cap - sideRoS 2014 Cap  - front2014 Cap - front
RoS 10th Anniversary Caps - STILL AVAILABLE!RoS 10th Anniversary Caps - STILL AVAILABLE!

Reflective Stickers Available

Be SEEN and Be SAFE after dark

RoS reflective stickers

To purchase, please visit this store and get yours ordered NOW so they arrive in time for this year's event.  If you have any questions, email: elizabeth [ at ] rideofsilence.org 

All proceeds go to support our RoS efforts. 

Logos for Your Event Materials

These can be used for your local t-shirts, signage, etc.  Please email the webmaster w/ photos of your 10th Anniversary items for the RoS scrapbook.

  • Insurance:
Dan McKay
Certified Insurance Counselor
McKay Insurance Agency, Inc.
106 East Main Street
P. O. Box 151
Knoxville, Iowa 50138-0151
641-842-2135 or 800-942-0283
FAX 641-828-2013

Disclaimer: To the extent we mention McKay Insurance, this should not be taken to be an endorsement of the insurance company. This is only a lead for you to check out and make your own decision. Despite any positive experience that a Ride of Silence member or associate may have had with McKay Insurance, The Ride of Silence is not qualified to make any determination as to the soundness, reliability or even legitimacy of the company.